Andrus Ansip - Vice-President of the EU Commission for the Digital Single Market

Europe should benefit fully from the digital age: better services, more participation and new jobs.


  • Germany’s online hate speech law slammed by opposition, Commission 10. 5. 2021
    Civil rights activists and opposition politicians have slammed a recently approved amendment to Germany's law regulating online communications, saying it encroaches on freedom of expression and fragments the European legal space. EURACTIV Germany reports.
    Oliver Noyan
  • French TV news channels gave EU-related topics only 2.3% of airtime in 2020 10. 5. 2021
    EU-related news was given only 2.3% of airtime on French TV news in 2020 and most of it was devoted to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study by the Jean Jaurès Foundation in partnership with the French Audiovisual Institute (INA) revealed. EURACTIV France reports.
    Mathieu Pollet
  • Citizen engagement key to a digital, green Future of Europe [Promoted content] 10. 5. 2021
    This week sees the official launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and its democratic centrepiece is a digital platform gathering ideas. There are high hopes for the platform as the EU seeks to mobilise citizen involvement in shaping policies and ambitions.
    Ben Wreschner (Chief economist) – Vodafone, Dharmendra Kanani (Director Asia; peace; security & defence; digital and chief spokesperson) - Friends of Europe
  • US government working to aid top fuel pipeline operator after cyberattack 10. 5. 2021
    The White House was working closely with top US fuel pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline on Sunday (9 May) to help it recover from a ransomware attack that forced the company to shut a critical fuel network supplying populous eastern states.
    Georgi Gotev
  • India: Europe’s (un)democratic partner 7. 5. 2021
    The European Union has been seeking a strategic partnership with India as a counterweight to the rise of China. A key reason offered for this partnership are the shared democratic values of the two powers.
    Luca Bertuzzi

Günther H. Oettinger - Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society

We need a European market, which allows new business models to flourish, start-ups to grow and the industry to take advantage of the internet of things.