Faculty of Law, University of Maribor, is developing in-depth research activities related to the legal challenges posed by the digital economy. It offers a point where regulators, enterpreneurs, legal practitioners and other professionals can obtain guidance on regulatory developments in the field. We are organizing regular seminars, round-tables and other events dealing with smart and sharing economy intended not only for students but also for regulators, companies and start-ups discussing specific topics, such as Internet of Things, sharing/collaborative economy, regulatory issues of drones, of 3D printing, servitization oriented public procurement, drafting of out-come based contracts, regulating energy services etc. 

Research group on legal aspects of digital economy covers a variety of legal fields directly connected with the digital economy:

  • competition law,
  • consumer law,
  • digital single market,
  • company law,
  • contract law,
  • property law,
  • taxation,
  • employment law,
  • intellectual property,
  • energy law,
  • international trade,
  • financial law,
  • ethical aspects of digitalization of economy.