Faculty of Law, University of Maribor is a holder of the Jean Monnet Chair awarded by the European Commission in 2016, 

titled »Smart and Sharing EU Economy«.

Holder of the Jean Monnet Chair is Professor Janja Hojnik.

Jean Monnet Projects support innovation, cross-fertilisation and the spread of European Union content.

  • “Innovation” projects explore new angles and different methodologies to make EU subjects more attractive and adapted to various populations
  • “Cross-fertilisation” projects promote discussion and reflection on EU issues and enhance knowledge about the Union and its processes
  • “Spread content” projects concern information and dissemination activities

In line with the speech by Commissioner Bienkowska in June 2015 saying that a digitalization based industrial renaissance or reindustrialization can bring jobs and growth back to Europe, our Jean Monnet Chair deals with EU regulatory challenges arising from the servitization of manufacturing and broader digitalization process in the EU economy. The project focuses on teaching and research work related to concepts, such as Internet of Things, 3D printing, sharing economy, digital goods, cloud computing etc. and the related legal challenges. Considering its increasing importance, legal scholars and practitioners have to respond to the process of digitizing economy by examining the related legal challenges. Moreover, non-legal professionals, such as those in management, marketing, IT, environmental, mechanical engineering etc. need to become familiar with EU regulatory development in this field. Europe-wide legal procedures against Uber that have recently lead to two cases for preliminary ruling being referred to the EU Court of Justice are just one proof of this point.

Considering its multifaceted character, digitalization of economy inherently touches upon a full spectrum of legal fields. University of Maribor Jean Monnet Chair focuses on legal challenges of digitalization of economy from competition and consumer law perspective, internal market and international trade law. Further aspects that are covered by the Jean Monnet Chair include public procurement, environmental and intellectual property law, labour law, telecommunications, transport, medical law and potentially also other fields of law affected by the process of digitalisation.

Jean Monnet

In addition to the research work in the field, University of Maribor Jean Monnet Chair offers new teaching activities for University of Maribor students from various backgrounds to discuss the regulatory challenges emerging from the processes of digitalization of the EU economy that are seen as crucial for developing work places across the EU. In this sense the Chair upgrades the existing courses on EU internal market (mandatory) and EU competition law (optional). In this respect students are encouraged to prepare diploma, master and PhD theses in the field covered by the Chair, as well as to publish their research findings in the relevant journals. The final aim of the Jean Monnet Chair course and mentoring activities is to give students understanding of the multifaceted regulatory issues involved in the development of the EU digitizing industry and sharing economy.